A Family Worth Waiting For: The Midwife's Miracle Baby #1867465

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A Family Worth Waiting For…The Midwife’s Miracle BabyClaire West knows bringing a new life into the world is magical. But the fear of passing on a genetic illness has made her cautious about motherhood. Could an encounter with determined Dr. Campbell Dean give her more hope than she ever imagined?A Very Special BabyAlthough her six-year-old daughter is asking for a baby sister, A&E doctor Debbie Sabatier believes she’ll never have another child. Until equally commitment-shy consultant Marcel De Lange offers to father her baby. It could be the perfect solution…if they can ignore their feelings for each other…His Unexpected ChildHelping couples becoming parents brings such delight to Dr. Leah Dawson, even if she can’t have a family of her own. Her new boss’s skills as a doctor, and the special care he takes with his patients; and with Leah is enough to steal her heart. Can he make her dreams of a family real?

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