Regency Seduction: The Captain's Courtesan / The Outrageous Belle Marchmain

Современная зарубежная литература; Исторический любовный роман
HarperCollins Литагент
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The Captain’s CourtesanDetermined to seek out the villain who destroyed her family, Rosalie Rowland masquerades as a courtesan at London’s infamous Temple of Beauty. But when she revels in her alter-ego a little too willingly, Captain Alec Stewart’s potent masculinity proves impossible to resist…Alec is as much a stranger to the brothel as he is to the feelings that Rosalie incites within. The passion between them may be unquestionably real, but having met under the guise of secrets and seductions how can they be sure where the lies end and truths begin…?The Outrageous Belle MarchmainAgreeing to a fake betrothal should suit both society dressmaker Belle Marchmain and landowner Adam Davenant fittingly – clearing Belle’s debts and keeping Adam’s husband -hunters at bay. Even if blue-blooded Belle, with her extravagant clothes and razor-sharp tongue, despises the very air that nouveau riche Adam breathes!If Adam wants a wife who’s agreeable he has his work cut out. Yet when his demanding mouth caresses Belle’s, for the first time ever she’s lost for words. Maybe Adam’s found the one way to tame the only woman who’s ever stood up to him…and make her say ‘I do’…

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