Eisenhower on Leadership. Ike's Enduring Lessons in Total Victory Management #688129

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306 стр
John Wiley & Sons Limited (USD)

Based on the findings in recently released archive papers and letters, as well as extensive library and historical resources, Alan Axelrod offers a compelling profile of the remarkable leadership discipline of a general often called a «military CEO.» In fascinating detail, Axelrod reveals that Ike was more than a great military leader; he was also a great executive who could—and did—write a reassuring letter to the mother of a solider one moment and make decisions impacting millions of lives the next. Follow Ike's path as Supreme Commander from the invasion of North Africa to victory in Europe and learn the lessons of great leadership along the way, including: The nature of leadership Managing detail without sacrificing the “big picture” Ensuring follow-through to execution Building a team Converting conflict into common cause Getting the facts and making plans Mentoring, motivating, and inspiring

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