Natural Born Success. Discover the Instinctive Drives That Make You Tick! #687856

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John Wiley & Sons Limited (USD)

Have you ever wondered why some tasks come naturally to you, while others leave you feeling frustrated and bored? Paul Burgess believes it's because we all have a unique combination of Instinctive Drives that act as an internal compass, guiding our thoughts and actions. Natural Born Success will help you to discover your innate operating system – your I.D. – so that you can get 'in stride' in your life. Knowing your I.D. will enable you to harness your inborn skills and reach new heights in your career, relationships, finances and family. Validated by scientific research, the I.D. System is the only psychometric profiling tool that delves beneath people's behaviour and personality to explore their Instinctive Drives. Realise your full potential and life purpose by tapping into the natural motivations and talents that define the real you.

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