Leading with Soul. An Uncommon Journey of Spirit #909732

Зарубежная деловая литература
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305 стр
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John Wiley & Sons Limited

A new edition of the bestselling book on finding one's personal path to leadership Leading with Soul has inspired thousands of readers since its publication more than a decade ago. Far ahead of its time, the book illuminated the deeply personal journey to leadership. Now, in this new and revised edition, the authors update a timeless spiritual message in the light of the turmoil of recent years? including recession, the spread of global terrorism, and ethics scandals? as well as new insights from the literature of spirituality and work. Bolman and Deal are the co-authors of the bestselling book Reframing Organizations, now in its 4th edition Explores in greater depth the concepts of love, power, and significance as relates to leadership This completely revised story of an executive and his quest for deeper meaning continues to point the way to a more fulfilling work experience.

Другие произведения автора - Bolman Lee G. 4
Другие произведения автора - Deal Terrence E. 4
Bolman Lee G., Deal Terrence E.
Deal Terrence E., Peterson Kent D.

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