French Silk

Зарубежная сентиментальная литература; Короткие любовные романы
Гарднерз Литагент
Raudman Renee
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown delivers a thrilling tale of murder, desire, and fatal secrets.Like the city of New Orleans itself, Claire Laurent is a vibrant beauty laced with a mysterious elusiveness. The founder of French Silk, a fabulous lingerie company, she has fought hard to make it a worldwide success. Then a TV evangelist attacks French Silks erotic sleepwear as sinful. And when he is killed, Claire becomes the prime suspect.District Attorney Robert Cassidy knows Claire is damning herself with lie after lie about the murder, even as he feels her drawing him into her world and her very soul. But neither Cassidy nor Claires protests of innocence can save her unless she reveals a shocking truthone she has sworn to take to the grave.Fast-paced...Sparks fly and the tensionbecomes as hot as jambalaya. USA TodaySkillful writing and clever plottingSandra Brown proves herself top-notch. Associated Press

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