Classic Radio Sci-Fi: BBC Drama Collection

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Детективная фантастика; Социальная фантастика; Зарубежная фантастика; Эпическая фантастика
Гарднерз Литагент
Froggatt Joanne; Glenister Robert; Gaunt William; Shelley Mary Wollstonecraft
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Five seminal science fiction classics are brought vividly to life in these gripping BBC Radio dramatisations, with casts including Robert Glenister, William Gaunt, Carleton Hobbs and Joanne Froggatt. &quote;Frankenstein&quote; (1994) is adapted from one of the first science fiction novels, Mary Shelley's tale of a scientist who tries to play God and creates a monster. &quote;The Time Machine&quote; (2009) dramatises one of the first stories to feature time travel, HG Wells' thrilling tale of an inventor who discovers a dystopian future. &quote;The Lost World&quote; (1975) is based on a classic fantasy adventure story by Arthur Conan Doyle's, whose notion of dinosaurs roaming our world was the inspiration for Jurassic Park. &quote;R.U.R.&quote; (1989) is a radio production of Karel Capek's thought-provoking play which introduced the word 'robot' to the English language. &quote;Solaris&quote; (2007) dramatises Stanislaw Lem's pioneering ghost story set in space, both a suspenseful thriller and a philosophical meditation on guilt and the human condition. Accompanying this collection is a bonus PDF file featuring extensive sleeve notes by Andrew Pixley. Duration: 10 hours approx.

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