Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Edited by Ole B Christiansen, MD, D.M.Sc., Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen and AalborgUniversityHospital, Aalborg, Denmark Recurrent Pregnancy Loss is a silent problem for many women The spontaneous loss of a pregnancy in the first 22 weeks is often not recorded as the mother needed no medical or surgical treatment. Women who repeatedly suffer this tragedy can go unheard as a result. Gynecologists can feel unable to help. But they can help. Research is showing how to identify women who suffer recurrent pregnancy loss and which treatments might prevent a further recurrence. Gynecologists are learning how to monitor subsequent pregnancies for the early signals of problems. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss provides a practical approach to this hidden clinical challenge. The highly experienced, international author team explores: How to obtain a relevant history Which investigations to order The physiological reasons behind recurrent pregnancy loss The best approach to treatment How to monitor patients in subsequent pregnancies Clinical in approach, practical in execution, with the patient at the centre, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss guides you as you support your patients.

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