Night Storm

Исторический любовный роман
Гарднерз Литагент
Flosnik Anne
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Dear Listener,You met Alec Carrick in Night Fire. He returnsfull force  and believe me, this mans got force - in Night Storm, the third novel of the Night Trilogy which I wrote in the Fall of 1988.   The Paxtons are shipbuilders in Baltimore. Alec Carrick is an English nobleman who wants to buy them out. Genny Paxton isnt at all what she seems. She dresses like Eugene and wants to build her own sailing ships without male interference. Alec, a man of great insight, knows exactly what lies beneath those britches. He gets Gennys goat more times than she can count.   This is a love story filled with wit, humor, and outrageous circumstance. Its got more unexpected spins than a roulette wheel. Then theres five-year-old Hallie, Alecs daughter, a charmer who will take hold of your heart and never let go.   Do enjoy Alec and Genny  and let me know which of the novels in the Night Trilogy you like best.   Catherine Coulter

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