The Annual Campaign

Общественные движения и организации; Зарубежная деловая литература
John Wiley & Sons Limited (USD)-double-299293-8
PDF книга
309 стр
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LEARN THE SECRETS TO BUILDING AND MANAGING A SUCCESSFUL ANNUAL SUPPORT CAMPAIGN FOR YOUR NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION Whether your organization is building its first annual support campaign or working on its hundredth, The Annual Campaign offers a fresh look at how your organization can raise the most money possible by effectively engaging staff, board, volunteers, donors, and prospects in embracing your mission and rallying to its cause. This nuts-and-bolts book presents practical advice on: The secrets to running an effective, well-coordinated annual campaign Why your annual campaign needs a strong support base How to know when your organization is ready to launch its campaign Best practices for growing human relationships—and big pledges and gifts How to get your volunteer force purposefully engaged Brimming with step-by-step guidance and practical tools, including checklists for annual support campaigns, assessments for campaign readiness, sample pledge cards, cultivation tips for obtaining larger gifts, and much more, The Annual Campaign is the only guide you'll need to launch a successful—and abundantly lucrative—annual campaign.

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