Foreign Exchange Operations. Master Trading Agreements, Settlement, and Collateral

Финансовый менеджмент; Корпоративные финансы; Зарубежная деловая литература
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The ultimate nuts-and-bolts guide to foreign exchange operations The foreign exchange landscape is particularly risky since so much of the world is unregulated and takes place over the counter (off exchange). Brilliant traders and money managers who are profitable may find themselves underperforming, or worse, losing, simply because they failed to establish strong operations. In this book, David DeRosa provides industry players with everything they need for strong operational functions from all the types of trades to execution, master trading agreements, documentation, settlement, margin and collateral, and prime brokerage services. Contains vital work flow solutions for trading in the volatile foreign exchange marketplace Offers information for mastering the operational aspect of foreign exchange trading to help determine best partners such as prime brokers and others Written by David DeRosa a leading foreign exchange expert who has consulted to hundreds of financial institutions Foreign Exchange Operations helps traders mitigate risks and offers a guide to all aspects of trading operations from mastering trading agreements to margin documentation.

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