Techniques for Surviving Mobile Data Explosion

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Discusses the challenges of bandwidth scarcity due to mobile data explosion and their solutions The rapidly growing popularity of Smartphones and other mobile devices has resulted in an exponential growth of mobile data. There is insufficient radio spectrum to cope with this growing data demand, and upgrading existing networks to meet the demands of mobile data explosion is expensive. Techniques for Surviving the Mobile Data Explosion is about the different approaches that can be used to address the challenges of limited bandwidth. It examines these challenges from the perspective of the mobile network operators, mobile applications developers, and enterprises that deploy mobile applications for their employees. The book provides: Comprehensive yet easy-to-understand information that is free of technical jargon, complex mathematical notation, and multiple acronyms Easy-to-understand figures as well as a comprehensive set of references A cross-disciplinary approach spanning the areas of cellular networks, IP networks, and mobile applications Techniques for Surviving the Mobile Data Explosion is ideal for wireless application developers and mobile network operators.

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