Guide to Fluorine NMR for Organic Chemists

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Following its well-received predecessor, this book offers an essential guide to chemists for understanding fluorine in spectroscopy. With over 1000 compounds and 100 spectra, the second edition adds new data – featuring fluorine effects on nitrogen NMR, chemical shifts, and coupling constants. • Explains how to successfully incorporate fluorine into target molecules and utilize fluorine substituents to structurally characterize organic compounds • Includes new data on nitrogen NMR, focusing on N-15, to portray the influence of fluorine upon nitrogen NMR chemical shifts and coupling constants • Expands on each chapter from the first edition with additional data and updated discussion from recent findings • «The flawless ordering of material covered in this stand-alone volume is such that information can be found very easily.» – Angewandte Chemie review of the first edition, 2010

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