The Complete Tamuli Trilogy: Domes of Fire, The Shining Ones, The Hidden City #1489404

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The complete, classic Tamuli Trilogy, the story of Prince Sparhawk, a queen taken captive, and the ultimate battle to save her . . .Contains:DOMES OF FIRE:After saving Queen Ehlana and defeating the evil god Azash, Sparhawk is left to enjoy the hard-won peace of his kingdom. But peace is fragile and easily broken.From the east, whispers of horrific armies being raised from the dead surface. Tales of ancient warriors and dreadful monsters who are tearing the kingdom apart.Seeing the threat this poses to their kingdom and people, Ehlana and Sparhawk set out with a retinue to Matherion, the Tamuli capital. Little do they know that the enemy is already within the gates of fire-domed Matherion awaiting their arrival . . .THE SHINING ONES:Sparhawk and Queen Ehlana must do everything they can to educate Tamuli Emperor Sarabian in the art of leadership if they are to have any chance of standing against the evil forces that threaten their kingdoms.Sarabian’s enemies are regrouping and once again plan to attempt to take the empire for themselves.But more disturbing than the political machinations of court, there have been reported sightings of Shining Ones among the hordes of monsters roaming the land. If Sparhawk and his allies are to have any hope of defeating this growing threat they must resurrect the sacred jewel of the Troll-Gods, otherwise the fate of not just their kingdoms, but the entire world, will be at stake . . .THE HIDDEN CITYQueen Ehlana has been taken prisoner and held in the Hidden City as the time for battle approaches.The face of the enemy has been unmasked as Cyrgon, the sinister god of the Cyrgai. Corrupted further by unspeakable magic, he threatens to destroy the world in his lust for power.In exchange for their help in defeating Cyrgon and saving his beloved Ehlana, Sparhawk has offered freedom to the Troll-Gods trapped in their sacred jewel, the Blue Rose. However, this carries its own cost . . . But what price is too high when the fate of the world and everything you hold dear are threatened.

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