Analysis of Financial Statements

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The fully update Third Edition of the most trusted book on financial statement analysis Recent financial events have taught us to take a more critical look at the financial disclosures provides by companies. In the Third Edition of Analysis of Financial Statements, Pamela Peterson-Drake and Frank Fabozzi once again team up to provide a practical guide to understanding and interpreting financial statements. Written to reflect current market conditions, this reliable resource will help analysts and investors use these disclosures to assess a company's financial health and risks. Throughout Analysis of Financial Statements, Third Edition, the authors demonstrate the nuts and bolts of financial analysis by applying the techniques to actual companies. Along the way, they tackle the changing complexities in the area of financial statement analysis and provide an up-to-date perspective of new acts of legislation and events that have shaped the field. Addresses changes to U.S. and international accounting standards, as well as innovations in the areas of credit risk models and factor models Includes examples, guidance, and an incorporation of information pertaining to recent events in the accounting/analysis community Covers issues of transparency, cash flow, income reporting, and much more Whether evaluating a company's financial information or figuring valuation for M&A's, analyzing financial statements is essential for both professional investors and corporate finance executives. The Third Edition of Analysis of Financial Statements contains valuable insights that can help you excel at this endeavor.

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