Mr Doubler Begins Again: The best uplifting, funny and feel-good book for 2019 #1640153

Сад и огород; Современная зарубежная литература; Юмор и сатира зарубежных писателей
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‘A sheer delight – wise and insightful, it will make you laugh and cry in equal measure.’Sunday Times best-selling author Veronica Henry.Not every journey takes you far from home.Baked, mashed, boiled or fried, Mr Doubler knows his potatoes. But the same can’t be said for people. Since he lost his wife, he’s been on his own at Mirth Farm – and that suits Doubler just fine. Crowds are for other people; the only company he needs are his potato plants and his housekeeper, Mrs Millwood, who visits every day.Until the day she doesn’t.With Mrs Millwood missing, Doubler’s routine is plunged into chaos – and, more alone than ever, he begins to worry that he might have lost his way. But could the kindness of strangers be enough to bring him down from the hill?Mr Doubler’s New Beginning is a nostalgic celebration of food, friendship, kindness, and second chances, perfect for fans of Rachel Joyce and Joanna Cannon.

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