Something Inbetween #1419757

Литература для детей и юношества; Детская проза; Литература для детей и юношества универсальной тематики
HarperCollins Литагент
Электронная книга
618205 слов

‘This is an important, powerful contemporary YA that you won’t regret reading’– BuzzfeedWhen your country doesn’t want you there, how do you know where you belong? Jasmine de los Santos has been pushed by her Filipino immigrant parents to over-achieve, be the best she can be, work as hard as she can at school and reach for the American Dream. She’s thrilled to be named a finalist for the National Scholarship Award and prepares to go to Washington, D. C. to receive it. But when she brings home the paperwork, she learns that she and all her family are in the country illegally.As Jasmine’s world shatters around her, she rebels, trying to make sense of herself—who is she? Is she American? Illegal? Something in between? Jasmine decides to accept the award anyway and goes to D.C., where she meets Royce Blakely, the handsome son of a Republican congressman. As she fights for her very identity, will Jasmine find help in unexpected places, and will she ever figure out where she belongs?

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