Making Marriage Simple

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Hendrix Harville; Hunt Helen LaKelly
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Change the relationship you have into the one you want.Welcome to the Relationship Revolution! Making Marriage Simpleis the accessible, essential road map to building a strong marriage in the modern world. Bestselling authors Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt distill into ten essential truths what they've learned about how to create a successful and satisfying relationshipboth from their decades of ';R&D' in the marriage lab of their workshops, and from their own relationship journey. In each chapter, Harville and Helen introduce a simple truthsuch as ';a frustration is a wish in disguise,' ';incompatibility is grounds for marriage,' or ';conflict is growth trying to happen'and then walk couples through easy yet effective exercises to help them apply each truth in real life, every day. Harville and Helen have spent their careers helping couples transform their marriages through research, workshops, and counseling. But marriageeven for marriage expertsis never easy, and a number of years ago they found themselves on the brink of divorce. Harville and Helen put themselves back through the exercises they'd coached so many other couples through, saving their marriage and helping them achieve a true partnership.This audiobookis for all couples. It offers the practical tools needed to transform one's relationship into a rewarding and joyous marriage. Written with humor, compassion, and honesty,Making Marriage Simpleis a strategic blueprint for creating a stronger, more satisfying partnership in today's world.

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