Australia's Military History For Dummies

Историческая литература
John Wiley & Sons Limited (USD)-double-299293-8
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Created especially for the Australian customer! The simple and easy way to get your mind around Australia's military history More people are visiting Gallipoli and walking the Kokoda Trail each year – now find out why. This complete guide helps you trace the story of Australia's involvement in war, from the colonial conflicts with the Indigenous population, through the World Wars to peacekeeping initiatives in East Timor and the controversial conflict in Afghanistan. Find out the origins of Australia's military history – go all the way back to the arrival of the First Fleet and the conflicts with the Indigenous peoples Learn about the heroism of the Anzacs – discover the origins of the legend of Gallipoli, and how the brass bungled the campaign Discover the horrors of war – consider the suffering and huge losses on the Western Front Recognise the successful battles of World Wars I and II – follow the Diggers' exploits in Palestine and Syria, and at Tobruk and Alamein Marvel at the grim jungle battles – track the Diggersthrough New Guinea, Borneo, Malaya and Vietnam between 1942 and 1972 Admire Australia's efforts to repel possible invaders – learn how Australians defended their country against the Japanese during World War II See how the Cold War heated up – witness the fight against communism in the Korean and Vietnam Wars Appreciate the modern-day Australian Defence Force – acknowledge the courage of the men and women who protectus into the 21st century Open the book and find: New insights into the meaning of Anzac Day Simple explanations of the structure of Australia's military Details of who fought whom, where, when and why Stories of Australia's great military fighters and leaders Accounts of the iconic battles that established Australia's reputation Locations of Australia's peacekeeping operations around the world Ways in which war and conflict have shaped the nation Reasons why Australia goes to war Learn to: Comprehend the impact of waron Australia Appreciate the heroism at AnzacCove and other significant battlefields Understand the controversies ofrecent conflicts, including in Vietnam and Iraq

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