Гарднерз Литагент
Marno Mozhan
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A brilliantly inventive novel about three astronauts training for the first-ever mission to Mars, an experience that will push the boundary between real and unreal, test their relationships, and leave each of themand their familieschanged forever.  ';A transcendent, cross-cultural, and cross planetary journey into the mysteries of space and self....Howrey's expansive vision left me awestruck.'Ruth Ozeki ';Howrey's exquisite novel demonstrates that the final frontier may not be space after all.'J. Ryan Stradal In an age of space exploration, we search to find ourselves.  In four years, aerospace giant Prime Space will put the first humans on Mars. Helen Kane, Yoshihiro Tanaka, and Sergei Kuznetsov must prove they're the crew for the historic voyage by spending seventeen months in the most realistic simulation ever created. Constantly observed by Prime Space's team of &quote;Obbers,&quote; Helen, Yoshi, and Sergei must appear ever in control. But as their surreal pantomime progresses, each soon realizes that the complications of inner space are no less fraught than those of outer space. The borders between what is real and unreal begin to blur, and each astronaut is forced to confront demons past and present, even as they struggle to navigate their increasingly claustrophobic quartersand each other. Astonishingly imaginative, tenderly comedic, and unerringly wise,The Wanderersexplores the differences between those who go and those who stay, telling a story about the desire behind all exploration: the longing for discovery and the great search to understand the human heart.

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