Cold Heart

Гарднерз Литагент
Rubinstein John
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Jonathan Kellerman is a master at creating psychologically nuanced novels of suspensean author whose name is synonymous with unrelenting action, intriguing plot twists, and penetrating insight into the criminal mind. Now he ventures into bold, new territory with his biggest and best novel yet. A Cold Heart features Kellermans brilliant signature stylebut in this tour-de-force he mines even deeper the emotional landscape of his characters: psychologist-sleuth Alex Delaware, LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis, Milos colleague Petra Connor, and Alexs ex-lover, Robin Castagnabringing them all vividly to life as never before.Ive got a weird one, so naturally I thought of you, says Milo Sturgis, summoning his friend Alex to the trendy gallery where a promising young artist has been brutally garroted on the night of her first major showing. What makes it a weird one is the lack of any obvious motive, and the luridly careful staging of the murder scenewhich immediately suggests to Alex not an impulsive crime of passion . . . but the meticulous and taunting modus operandi of a serial killer. Delawares suspicion is borne out when he compares notes with Milos associate, Petra Connor, and her new partner, a strange, taciturn detective with a past of his own named Eric Stahl. The Hollywood cops are investigating the vicious death of Baby Boy Lee, a noted blues guitarist, fatally stabbed after a late-night set at a local club. What links Baby Boys murder with that of painter Juliet Kipper is the shadowy presence of an abrasive fanzine writer. This alias-shrouded critics love-the-art/disdain-the-artist philosophy and his morbid fascination with the murders leads Alex and the detectives to suspect theyre facing a new breed of celebrity stalker: one with a fetish for snuffing out rising stars.Tracking down the killer proves to be maddening, with the twisting trail leading from halfway houses to palatial mansions and from a college campus to the last place Alex ever expected: the doorstep of his ex-lover Robin Castagna, whose business association with two of the victims casts her as an unavoidable player in the unfolding case. As more and more killings are discovered, unraveling the maddening puzzle assumes a chilling new importancestopping a vicious psychopath whos made cold-blood murder his chosen art form.

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