Great Classic Science Fiction #1703379

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Детективная фантастика; Социальная фантастика; Зарубежная фантастика; Эпическая фантастика
Гарднерз Литагент
Vance Simon; Sullivan Nick; Fass Robert; Rosenblat Barbara; Brick Scott; Kellgren Katherine; Thorne Stephen; Itzin Gregory; narrators various
Аудио книга

This superlative collection of futuristic tales explores ground-breaking supernatural themes from the founding heroes of the science-fiction genre. The short story form is perfect for capturing the atmospheric tension of these legendary stories. This collection includes the following stories: &quote;The Door in the Wall&quote; by H. G. Wells-A man must choose between the rationality of science and the magic of imagination.&quote;All Cats Are Gray&quote; by Andre Norton-A down-on-his-luck spaceman and a mysterious woman and her cat take off to explore and bring back a derelict ship said to hold great treasure.&quote;A Martian Odyssey&quote; by Stanley G. Weinbaum-A four-man crew lands on Mars and makes a startling discovery.&quote;Victory&quote; by Lester del Rey-A victorious captain returns to his home planet after an alien war and finds that victory has a very steep price.&quote;The Moon Is Green&quote; by Fritz Leiber-On post-apocalyptic Earth, a woman comes face-to-face with humanity exposed to catastrophe.&quote;The Winds of Time&quote; by James H. Schmitz-When the spaceship is battered by an unknown force, the pilot has to investigate-and what he finds could alter his life forever.&quote;The Defenders&quote; by Philip K. Dick-Years after nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union has contaminated the Earth's surface, soldier robots continue the fight on humanity's behalf.&quote;Missing Link&quote; by Frank Herbert-Lewis Orne is sent to investigate a missing ship and runs into &quote;native&quote; trouble on the planet Gienah III.

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