QuickBooks Online For Dummies

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John Wiley & Sons Limited

Organise business finances with the latest cloud-based accounting innovation QuickBooks Online For Dummies, Australian Edition is your key guide to getting business finances under control. From budgeting and payroll to tax, inventory, accounts and beyond, this book shows you everything you need to know to keep the cash flow flowing. Whether you're a small business owner, accountant or bookkeeper, this guide walks you through essential bookkeeping tasks, and hands-on tutorials provide quick and practical instruction using the QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant cloud-based accounting solution. Stop juggling files and notes and calendars, stressing about what's due, what's coming and what you may have overlooked; this book shows you how to track and manage everything in one place, with alerts, reminders and detailed reports that help you gain a clearer picture of the business's financial state – and all you need is an internet connection. Using the many helpful, timesaving features of QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant to their utmost capability requires a little insider knowledge and hands-on instruction; this book has you covered, with clear, practical guidance to help you: Manage payroll, invoices and accounts payable Track inventory, costs and expenses Create reports and simplify tax return preparation Organise finances in one intuitive place Wouldn't you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your finances are under control? Wouldn't you prefer the freedom to access the books on any device, at any time? QuickBooks Online can help with that, and QuickBooks Online For Dummies, Australian Edition is the ultimate guide to working with the latest innovation in cloud-based accounting.

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