Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder in Childhood

Общая психология; Клиническая психология
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Newly updated, this is a comprehensive guide to ODD and conduct disorder (CD) in children aged 3-14 for professionals, students, and researchers. Summarizes the most important empirical knowledge across a broad array of topics, with a focus on the latest research and meta-analyses, as well as high-quality older studies Includes revised diagnostic conceptualizations for ODD and CD from DSM-V and the upcoming ICD-11 classification systems, with particular attention to similarities, differences, and information about an angry-irritable subtype for ODD Provides updated reviews of biological and social-cognitive risk and protective factors and the evidence base for relevant treatment and prevention procedures Describes best practices for assessment, treatment, and prevention for children and their families, based on the clinical and research work of the well-respected author team

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