Marketing in the Participation Age. A Guide to Motivating People to Join, Share, Take Part, Connect, and Engage

Зарубежная деловая литература; Клиентский сервис; Работа с клиентами
John Wiley & Sons Limited (USD)-double-299293-8
PDF книга
226 стр
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Turn intrinsic human desires into your most powerful marketing tool. Marketing in the Participation Age shows you how to rethink marketing. Transform consumers into active participants for your brand by capturing their interest, empowering them to contribute, and developing meaningful relationships that keep them involved. Learn how to create a marketing environment that fulfills your customers' desire to seek challenges and discover new things—and watch their participation yield greater revenues for your business. «Marketing is constantly evolving. Companies can't compete by using the same old, tired tools. This book provides fresh inspiration, with a new framework for doing things differently.» —Sally Hogshead, author of Fascinate; inductee into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame «Participant marketing transformed the way we did business in the marketplace as an agency and provided a framework for doing business with clients that added unique value to their marketing efforts.» —Kris Pinto, founder of Moxie Interactive

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