Performing Under Pressure. Gaining the Mental Edge in Business and Sport #879087

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WHAT THE MAN WHO TEACHES THE WORLD'S TOP ATHLETES CAN TEACH YOU ABOUT OVERCOMING STRESS AND WINNING IN BUSINESS AND IN LIFE Pressure. It keeps us focused, drives athletes to Olympic greatness, businesspeople to produce record value in their companies and artists to the stellar heights of their craft. But too much pressure is unhealthy and counterproductive. It leads to sleeplessness, heart attacks and many other negative side effects. It can also make us seize up and lose our ease when we need it the most. World-renowned sports psychologist Saul -Miller, who teaches elite athletes and top sports teams how to be successful, shares a wealth of practical tools and exercises that allow anyone, in any situation, to manage the pressure they feel, and to channel it into peak performance. Dr. Miller goes in-depth and teaches you: The difference between stress and pressure, and how to make them work for you How to use power thoughts and imagery to enhance your attitude and performance How to improve your baseline stress tolerance Techniques and exercises to control physical reactions to pressure How variations in personality and style affect the ways people experience and deal with pressure, and how this knowledge applies to you Training Notes that give you a clear 4-week plan for each of the major tools. This book is an essential toolbox for anyone who wants to ensure that when it comes time to face intense, high-pressure situations, you'll be prepared to succeed.

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