Interface / Interphase in Polymer Nanocomposites

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Significant research has been done in polymeric nanocomposites and progress has been made in understanding nanofiller-polymer interface and interphase and their relation to nanocomposite properties. However, the information is scattered in many different publication media. This is the first book that consolidates the current knowledge on understanding, characterization and tailoring interfacial interactions between nanofillers and polymers by bringing together leading researchers and experts in this field to present their cutting edge research. Eleven chapters authored by senior subject specialists cover topics including: Thermodynamic mechanisms governing nanofiller dispersion, engineering of interphase with nanofillers Role of interphase in governing the mechanical, electrical, thermal and other functional properties of nanocomposites, characterization and modelling of the interphase Effects of crystallization on the interface, chemical and physical techniques for surface modification of nanocellulose reinforcements Electro-micromechanical and nanoindentation techniques for interface evaluation, molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to quantify filler-matrix adhesion and nanocomposite mechanical properties.

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