Money Makeover. The Secret to Budgeting, Saving and Investing for Financial Success

Личные финансы; Зарубежная деловая литература
John Wiley & Sons Limited (USD)-double-299293-8
PDF книга
283 стр
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You don't have to earn megabucks or have a degree in economics to make the most of your money. With the help of Money Makeover, you'll discover how easy it is to take stock of your finances and create the life of your dreams, without having to give up red wine or wade through finance mumbo-jumbo! Inside this book you'll find practical information (without the boring bits) and inspiring real-life stories that will empower you to create your own financial plan. You'll discover: simple strategies to work your way out of debt fail-proof saving techniques how to invest in shares, managed funds and property, step by step super tips to help you sort your super easy ways to factor in life's little curve balls – relationships, bambinos and career changes. Money Makeover is for women of all ages wanting to take control of their financial destiny and make their money grow.

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