The Beggar’s Curse #1488579

Детская проза; Фантастика и триллер. Детская литература
HarperCollins Литагент
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Ann Pilling manages to combine fascinating historical detail with mysterious and compelling ghost stories, and THE BEGGAR’S CURSE is no exception. Published as an ebook for the first time, it will attract a whole new wave of fans.Ever since Ann Pilling’s debut novel, BLACK HARVEST, now a Collins Modern Classic, she has built her reputation into one of our best-loved and most talented contemporary writers for children. She won the Guardian Fiction Award for HENRY’S LEG. THE BEGGAR’S CURSE follows the same children who appear in BLACK HARVEST – Colin, Prill and Oliver.In THE BEGGAR’S CURSE, Colin, Prill and Oliver arrive to stay in the village of Stang, where they soon realise that there’s something terribly wrong. Prill feels something sinister in the ancient rituals of the village play… Colin knows the ‘accidents’ that keep happening are something much more gruesome… But only Oliver seems to know the truth. He understands the dark secret the village is hiding and senses that it comes from the black waters of Blake’s Pit. He can even feel the terrible power of the beggar’s curse…Ann Pilling has managed, yet again, to create a mysterious, compelling and gripping tale.

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