Practical Pharmacology for the Pharmaceutical Sciences #923588

Медицина. Здоровье; Фармакология. Фармакодинамика. Фармакокинетика
John Wiley & Sons Limited (prof) EUR
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211 стр
John Wiley & Sons Limited

Practical Pharmacology for the Pharmaceutical Sciences is a lab survival guide for those studying Pharmacology, providing hands-on advice on developing pharmacology laboratory and data handling skills. Suitable for both undergraduates and postgraduates, it focuses on laboratory techniques rather than computer-simulated data. It also guides the reader through the process of communicating experimental results in a variety of formats, including posters, oral presentations and project reports. Split into three main areas, the following topics are covered in detail: Preparation for Experimental Pharmacology Legal aspects Fundamentals of Pharmacology Definitions, calculations and statistics Experiments in Pharmacology Microtitre-based techniques using isolated cells In vitro techniques using isolated tissues and organs Biochemical techniques using cell-free systems Communicating experimental results Data presentation How to write scientific reports Pharmacological literature Supported with numerous questions throughout the text, as well as step by step instructions for practical experiments, this book presents an approach to learning pharmacology through an appreciation of authentic experimental data.

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