One-Percent Edge

Экономическое развитие
Гарднерз Литагент
Campbell Cassandra
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Want to stay competitive? Keep evolving.Solid profits, a strong brand, steady customersall of these can vanish when market shifts disrupt business as usual. So how do you keep from losing ground? How do you stay a step ahead of competitors?The solution is surprisingly straightforward: innovate tweak by tweak. By making incremental adjustments to every aspect of the businessmarketing, customer service, finances, products, peoplethen repeating the process, fixing weaknesses and spotting opportunities becomes a winning habit.Entrepreneur Susan Solovic, an expert in business survival tactics, explains how to continually grow, improve, and move the business forward. With hundreds of strategies, examples, and a six-step process, The One-Percent Edge explains how to:Put energy into profitable areas and trim dead weightRaise prices by selling value instead of thingsAccess new markets by adapting products or servicesHire the right team playersTurn customers into brand ambassadorsFind your own niche and avoid imitatingAnd moreWhen change happens swiftly and often, even successful brands are vulnerable. Businesses with the edge are constantly evolvingand pulling ahead of the pack.

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