Investor's Guide to Loss Recovery. Rights, Mediation, Arbitration, and other Strategies

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John Wiley & Sons Limited

Essential guidance for recovery of lost assets through arbitration, mediation and other forms of conflict resolution Since the discovery of the Madoff fraud and investment scandals associated with the global credit crisis, investors have become aware that they can fight back and demand both justice and monetary recovery. To date, the only reliable resources on securities arbitration have been either sensationalized accounts of how to sue Wall Street or legal references, which provide no practical application. Filled with expert guidance showing investors how arbitration works, Investor's Guide to Loss Recovery fills that gap by providing a focus on all of the investor's options when a conflict arises. Includes charts showing the major areas of litigation as well as empirical evidence of enhanced awareness of investment misconduct Proprietary research by the author, demonstrating arbitration results Analysis on how newly enacted regulatory reforms will impact the process and options for financial fraud victims Personal interviews with securities attorneys, experts and investors Detailed scripts of initial attorney interviews, mediation and arbitration New financial regulations are impacting the options available to investors looking to recover assets. Investor's Guide to Loss Recovery is must-have reading for every investor, financial advisor, and attorney.

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