Understanding Medical Education. Evidence, Theory, and Practice

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Медицина. Здоровье; Клиническая медицина. Внутренние болезни
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Created on behalf of the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME), this completely revised and updated new edition of Understanding Medical Education synthesises the latest knowledge, evidence and best practice across the continuum of medical education. Written and edited by an international team, this latest edition continues tocover a wide range of subject matter within five broad areas – Foundations, Teaching and Learning, Assessment and Selection, Research and Evaluation, Faculty and Learners – as well as featuring a wealth of new material including new chapters on the science of learning, knowledge synthesis, and learner support and well-being. The third edition of Understanding Medical Education: Provides a comprehensive and authoritative resource summarising the theoretical and academic bases to modern medical education practice Meets the needs of all newcomers to medical education whether undergraduate or postgraduate, including those studying at certificate, diploma or masters level Offers a global perspective on medical education from leading experts from across the world Providing practical guidance and exploring medical education in all its diversity, Understanding Medical Education continues to be an essential resource for both established educators and all those new to the field.

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