Execution Plan

Современная зарубежная литература; Зарубежные приключения ; Приключенческая литература; Триллеры
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Second ingenious thriller with a black edge from the author of Seeing the WiresMick lives in Dudley. As if that wasn’t enough of a disadvantage for one man, he’s also a true nerd. He grew up in the seventies hanging around video game arcades and got a degree in computer science from Borth University, Wales. Now he writes code for a living. For fun he watches his best friend, Dermot, trying (and failing) to tip the bar staff in the Slipped Disc.Mick has a slightly odd phobia. He can’t look at a mirror. His problem has its origins in a psychology experiment he took part in back in college. But recently, he’s been starting to wonder if the experiment might have had a few more sinister side-effects. For example, the way he keeps hallucinating video game characters trying to kill him…It’s time Mick found out what’s going on inside his own brain. Before whatever’s in there gets out for good.

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