The Keepsake #958044

Современная зарубежная литература; Исторический любовный роман
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A stunning saga set in the city of York, as a poor boy falls for a rich girl – a tale of passion, poverty, and ultimately great bravery as they fight to keep together against everyone’s expectations.Marty Lanegan is working as a boot boy in York’s splendid Station Hotel when he catches sight of the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. Henrietta Ibbetson is the daughter of a prominent landowner, who’s far from pleased with his rebellious daughter. When she announces her love for a mere servant, he throws her out.Marty’s family is none too delighted with his choice – Etta can’t cook, sew, clean or make herself useful in any way. However, Marty is ambitious, Etta is content and they are wildly in love. But is that enough to sustain them as they raise a family of their own?Sheelagh Kelly is back with a tremendously compelling saga of life below the poverty line in her home town of York, as the rigid conventions of Edwardian England crumble in the onslaught of the Great War – and her characters face the changes with warmth, humour and determination.

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