The Dragons' Den Guide to Real-World Business Models

Предпринимательство; Зарубежная деловая литература; Стартапы и создание бизнеса
John Wiley & Sons Limited (USD)-double-299293-8
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242 стр
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The experts from the Dragons' Den show entrepreneurs how to match their product or service with the right business model It takes much more to start a successful business than just a great idea for a new product or service. As contestants on the show regularly find out the hard way, the wrong business model can sink even the best new idea. In The Dragons' Den Guide to Real-World Business Models, potential entrepreneurs and small business owners will learn how to turn their product or service idea into a profitable business in the real world. These days, you have to be creative not just in what you sell, but in how you sell it. Your business model has to take advantage of the technology and constant connectivity that pervades modern life. The Dragons' Den Guide to Real-World Business Models shows entrepreneurs how to pick the right business model, integrate it with the Internet, and launch quickly. And for those who don't yet have a business idea, the book offers great advice on coming up with one. Features practical, applicable advice for entrepreneurs who need to find a profitable, effective business model for their idea Ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs who don't want to repeat the same mistakes they see on the Dragons' Den each week Written by John Vyge, a business plan analyst who advises entrepreneurs and investors on how to create winning business concepts If you have a great idea for a new business but don't know where to start or how to get your business off the ground, The Dragons' Den Guide to Real-World Business Models is the perfect gateway to small business success.

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