English Grammar For Dummies #1679575

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John Wiley & Sons Limited

Get the last word on English grammar Grasping the intricacies of the English language doesn't need to be tricky, and this down-to-earth guide breaks everything down in ways that make sense—Revealing rules, tips, and tricks to eliminate confusion and gain clarity, English Grammar For Dummies gives you everything you need to communicate with confidence! Good grammar lays the foundation for speaking and writing clearly. This easy-to-follow book will help you become a more articulate, effective communicator. Covering everything from the building blocks of a sentence to those pesky rules of punctuation, it offers the practical guidance you need to communicate in a way that would make any English teacher proud. Improve your speaking skills Clearly compose written communications Get the latest techniques for continuous improvement Write a winning college entrance exam or compelling business presentation Stop worrying about the grammar police and become more confident with your words!

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