English Grammar For Dummies #930163

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John Wiley & Sons Limited

Improve the writing and speaking skills you use every day Graceless with grammar? Perplexed by punctuation? Have no fear! This second Australian edition of English Grammar For Dummies explains everything from basic sentence structure to the finer points of grammar. Packed with expert advice, this book will help you to communicate more effectively and make the right impression every time. Structure sentences correctly – learn everything from making verbs agree to understanding clauses Avoid and fix common mistakes – find out how to revise the things your grammar checker underlines Punctuate like a professional – explore the correct use of commas, apostrophes, colons, semicolons and dashes Polish your writing style – discover how good grammar and good style go hand in hand Open the book and find: Ways to accessorise with adjectives and adverbs Tips for pairing the correct pronoun with the noun Advice about how to use numerals in documents Hints for writing emails and slide presentations Explanations of errors missed by spell checkers Learn to: Improve your writing and editing Understand and apply grammar rules Avoid common errors Connect grammar with style

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