CFO Insights. Enabling High Performance Through Leading Practices for Finance ERP #1654001

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"The benefits Carrefour achieved have been substantially in excess of predictions. The Shared Service accounting centers enabled streamlined processes, lowered costs, and introduced standard processes, a standard system, and standard data for a global company. The new infrastructure can support rapid expansion and can add new stores with the flip of a switch. From a systems point of view, Carrefour now has a 'factory' in place to deliver high-efficiency systems, tools, processes, and training." –From Chapter 9, Implementation and Operational Imperatives for ERP «The benefits of efficient information delivery are demonstrated by the results of one of the world's largest implementations. Siemens achieved a twenty-five percent cost reduction through streamlined information delivery and improved access to financial information. It also enhanced its reporting capabilities from seventy percent to nearly 100 percent through increased intranet availability.» –From Chapter 3, Financial and Management Reporting Research shows that high-performance businesses and governments use finance technology as one of the capabilities to help executives make better decisions for resource allocation, while at the same time increasing productivity. CFO Insights: Enabling High Performance through Leading Practices for Finance ERP includes a number of case studies and lessons learned from Accenture clients across a variety of industries that have implemented, upgraded, and operated Oracle/PeopleSoft and SAP. Each case study highlights vital thoughts, benefits, and considerations and provides relevant guidance as one proceeds with an ERP on the journey toward high performance.

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