Alger Horatio

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Alger Horatio
Alger Horatio
Alger Horatio
Alger Horatio
Alger Horatio
Alger Horatio

Жанры Horatio Alger Jr.

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  1. A Boy's Fortune
  2. A Cousin's Conspiracy: or, A Boy's Struggle for an Inheritance
  3. A Debt of Honor
  4. Adrift in New York: Tom and Florence Braving the World
  5. Adventures of a Telegraph Boy or 'Number 91'
  6. Andy Gordon
  7. Andy Grant's Pluck
  8. Ben's Nugget; Or, A Boy's Search For Fortune
  9. Ben, the Luggage Boy: or, Among the Wharves
  10. Bernard Brooks' Adventures: The Experience of a Plucky Boy
  11. Bob Burton
  12. Bound to Rise; Or, Up the Ladder
  13. Brave and Bold; Or, The Fortunes of Robert Rushton
  14. Cast Upon the Breakers
  15. Charlie Codman's Cruise
  16. Chester Rand; or, The New Path to Fortune
  17. Dan, The Newsboy
  18. Digging for Gold
  19. Do and Dare — a Brave Boy's Fight for Fortune
  20. Driven from Home; Or, Carl Crawford's Experience
  21. Facing the World
  22. Fame and Fortune; or, The Progress of Richard Hunter
  23. Five Hundred Dollars; or, Jacob Marlowe's Secret
  24. Frank and Fearless; or, The Fortunes of Jasper Kent
  25. Frank's Campaign; Or, The Farm and the Camp
  26. From Canal Boy to President; Or, the Boyhood and Manhood of James A. Garfield
  27. From Farm Boy to Senator
  28. From Farm to Fortune; or, Nat Nason's Strange Experience
  29. Grand'ther Baldwin's Thanksgiving, with Other Ballads and Poems
  30. Grit
  31. Hector's Inheritance, Or, the Boys of Smith Institute
  32. Helen Ford
  33. Helping Himself; Or, Grant Thornton's Ambition
  34. Herbert Carter's Legacy; Or, the Inventor's Son
  35. In A New World: or, Among The Gold Fields Of Australia
  36. In Search of Treasure
  37. Jack's Ward; Or, The Boy Guardian
  38. Jed, the Poorhouse Boy
  39. Joe the Hotel Boy; Or, Winning out by Pluck
  40. Joe's Luck; Or, Always Wide Awake
  41. Julius, The Street Boy
  42. Luck and Pluck
  43. Luke Walton
  44. Making His Mark
  45. Making His Way; Or, Frank Courtney's Struggle Upward
  46. Mark Manning's Mission
  47. Mark Mason's Victory
  48. Mark Mason's Victory: The Trials and Triumphs of a Telegraph Boy
  49. Mark the Match Boy
  50. Nelson The Newsboy
  51. Nothing to Do
  52. Nothing to Eat
  53. Only an Irish Boy; Or, Andy Burke's Fortunes
  54. Out For Business or Robert Frost's Strange Career
  55. Paul Prescott's Charge
  56. Paul the Peddler; Or, The Fortunes of a Young Street Merchant
  57. Phil, the Fiddler
  58. Ragged Dick, Or, Street Life in New York with the Boot-Blacks
  59. Ralph Raymond's Heir
  60. Risen from the Ranks; Or, Harry Walton's Success
  61. Robert Coverdale's Struggle: or, on the Wave of Success
  62. Rough and Ready
  63. Rufus and Rose; Or, The Fortunes of Rough and Ready
  64. Rupert's Ambition
  65. Sam's Chance, and How He Improved It
  66. Slow and Sure: The Story of Paul Hoffman the Young Street-Merchant
  67. Strong and Steady
  68. Struggling Upward, or Luke Larkin's Luck
  69. Tattered Tom
  70. The Backwoods Boy
  71. The Cash Boy
  72. The Disagreeable Woman
  73. The Erie Train Boy
  74. The Errand Boy; Or, How Phil Brent Won Success
  75. The Store Boy
  76. The Telegraph Boy
  77. The Tin Box, and What it Contained
  78. The Young Acrobat of the Great North American Circus
  79. The Young Adventurer: or, Tom's Trip Across the Plains
  80. The Young Bank Messenger
  81. The Young Explorer; Or, Claiming His Fortune
  82. The Young Miner; Or, Tom Nelson in California
  83. The Young Musician; Or, Fighting His Way
  84. The Young Outlaw: or, Adrift in the Streets
  85. Timothy Crump's Ward: A Story of American Life
  86. Tom, The Bootblack: or, The Road to Success
  87. Try and Trust; Or, Abner Holden's Bound Boy
  88. Wait and Hope: or, A Plucky Boy's Luck
  89. Walter Sherwood's Probation

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