Fabozzi Frank J.

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Автор 16
Fabozzi Frank J., Feldstein Sylvan G.
Drake Pamela Peterson, Fabozzi Frank J.
Fabozzi Frank J., Focardi Sergio M., Hoechstoetter Markus, Rachev Svetlozar T.

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  1. Analysis of Financial Statements
  2. Capital Budgeting. Theory and Practice
  3. Collateralized Debt Obligations. Structures and Analysis
  4. Finance. Capital Markets, Financial Management, and Investment Management
  5. Fixed Income Securities
  6. Foundations and Applications of the Time Value of Money
  7. Introduction to Fixed Income Analytics. Relative Value Analysis, Risk Measures and Valuation
  8. Introduction to Securitization
  9. Managing a Corporate Bond Portfolio
  10. Mortgage-Backed Securities. Products, Structuring, and Analytical Techniques
  11. Probability and Statistics for Finance
  12. Securities Finance. Securities Lending and Repurchase Agreements
  13. Short Selling. Strategies, Risks, and Rewards
  14. The Handbook of European Fixed Income Securities
  15. The Handbook of Municipal Bonds
  16. The Handbook of Traditional and Alternative Investment Vehicles. Investment Characteristics and Strategies

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