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Confessions of a Lapdancer (HarperCollins Литагент)
HarperCollins Литагент
A Fucked Up Life in Books (HarperCollins Литагент)
HarperCollins Литагент
Empire Girls (HarperCollins Литагент)
HarperCollins Литагент
Агент 21581
The Drowned Village (McGurl Kathleen)
McGurl Kathleen
The Little Book of Calorie Burning (HarperCollins Литагент, Коллектив авторов)
HarperCollins Литагент, Коллектив авторов
The Istanbul Puzzle (O’Bryan Laurence)
O’Bryan Laurence

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  1. A Fucked Up Life in Books
  2. A League of Their Own - The Book of Sporting Trivia: 100% Official
  3. Bird Brain: Over 2,400 Questions to Test Your Bird Knowledge
  4. Brought to Book
  5. Confessions of a Lapdancer
  6. Digital Photographer
  7. Empire Girls
  8. Georgie and Elsa: Jorge Luis Borges and His Wife: The Untold Story
  9. Girl On The Net: My Not-So-Shameful Sex Secrets
  10. How Can I Stop Climate Change: What is it and how to help
  11. In God’s Hands: The Spiritual Diaries of Pope St John Paul II
  12. King James Bible: 400th Anniversary edition of the book that changed the world
  13. Midnight Blue: A gripping historical novel about the birth of Delft pottery, set in the Dutch Golden Age
  14. My Name Is X and I Am a Cumberbitch
  15. On Nature: Unexpected Ramblings on the British Countryside
  16. Paddington 2: The Movie Storybook: Movie tie-in
  17. The alli Diet Plan: Your Essential Guide to Success with alli
  18. The Silenced
  19. The Ultimate Mathematical Challenge: Over 365 puzzles to test your wits and excite your mind
  20. We Are Not Such Things: A Murder in a South African Township and the Search for Truth and Reconciliation

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