Meade L.

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  1. A Bevy of Girls
  2. A Bunch of Cherries: A Story of Cherry Court School
  3. A Life For a Love: A Novel
  4. A London Baby: The Story of King Roy
  5. A Plucky Girl
  6. A Ring of Rubies
  7. A Sister of the Red Cross: A Tale of the South African War
  8. A Sweet Girl Graduate
  9. A Very Naughty Girl
  10. A World of Girls: The Story of a School
  11. Daddy's Girl
  12. David's Little Lad
  13. Dumps – A Plain Girl
  14. Frances Kane's Fortune
  15. Girls New and Old
  16. Girls of the True Blue
  17. Good Luck
  18. Hollyhock: A Spirit of Mischief
  19. Jill: A Flower Girl
  20. Mou-Setsé: A Negro Hero; The Orphans' Pilgimage: A Story of Trust in God
  21. Scamp and I: A Story of City By-Ways
  22. The Children of Wilton Chase
  23. The Girl and Her Fortune
  24. The Girls of St. Wode's
  25. The Lady of the Forest: A Story for Girls
  26. The Little Princess of Tower Hill
  27. The Little School-Mothers
  28. The School Queens
  29. The Squire's Little Girl
  30. The Time of Roses
  31. Three Girls from School
  32. Turquoise and Ruby
  33. Wild Heather

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