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  1. Angels In The Snow
  2. Bela ir negailestingasis šeichas
  3. Bought: Destitute yet Defiant
  4. Bought: The Greek's Innocent Virgin
  5. Brangesnė už deimantus
  6. Capelli's Captive Virgin
  7. Christmas Eve: Doorstep Delivery
  8. Dare She Date the Dreamy Doc?
  9. Didelis baltas deimantas
  10. Dr Zinetti's Snowkissed Bride
  11. Emergency: Mother Wanted
  12. Esimest korda elus. Esimene raamat
  13. Feraros žmona
  14. Gift of a Family
  15. Holiday In The Hamptons
  16. How To Keep A Secret: A fantastic and brilliant feel-good summer read that you won’t want to end!
  17. In The Sheikh's Marriage Bed
  18. Italian Doctor, Sleigh-Bell Bride
  19. Kito karto gali ir nebūti
  20. Kvietimas nusidėti
  21. Lost to the Desert Warrior
  22. Midnight At Tiffany's
  23. Moonlight Over Manhattan
  24. Moonlight Over Manhattan: A charming, heart-warming and lovely read that won’t disappoint!
  25. More than She Bargained For: The Prince's Waitress Wife / Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife
  26. New York, Actually
  27. New York, Actually: A sparkling romantic comedy from the bestselling Queen of Romance
  28. Once a Ferrara Wife...
  29. One Night...Nine-Month Scandal
  30. One Summer In Paris
  31. Pažadėta
  32. Playing by the Greek's Rules
  33. Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife
  34. Rescuing Dr Macallister
  35. Sarah Morgan Summer Collection
  36. Scandals Of The Powerful: Uncovering the Correttis / A Legacy of Secrets
  37. Sleepless In Manhattan
  38. Snow Crystal Trilogy: Sleigh Bells in the Snow / Suddenly Last Summer / Maybe This Christmas
  39. Snowbound: Miracle Marriage
  40. Sold to the Enemy
  41. Taip, pone Dukaki
  42. The Celebrity Doctor's Proposal
  43. The Christmas Sisters: The Sunday Times top ten feel-good and romantic bestseller!
  44. The Doctor's Engagement
  45. The Doctor's Runaway Bride
  46. The Forbidden Ferrara
  47. The Greek Children's Doctor
  48. The Italian Doctor's Wife
  49. The Italian's Passionate Proposal
  50. The Magic Of Christmas
  51. The Midwife's Child
  52. The Notting Hill Diaries: Ripped / Burned
  53. The Playboy Doctor
  54. The Prince's Waitress Wife
  55. The Seduction Challenge
  56. The Sicilian Doctor's Proposal
  57. The Sultan's Virgin Bride
  58. The Twelve Nights of Christmas
  59. The Vásquez Mistress
  60. Tõeliselt imeline. Teine raamat
  61. Wish Upon A Star: The Christmas Marriage Rescue / The Midwife's Christmas Miracle
  62. Worth The Risk
  63. Žavingasis Natanielis

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