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How to caress the breasts of a girl. Fundamentals

Women’s breasts are rightly considered an object of veneration in men. In some, it even reaches obsession. A man can even talk with a woman’s breasts. Is it funny? No, the facts. Naturally, the presence of a chic breast is a woman’s advantage when choosing her as a sexual partner. And in an intimate relationship, it can play a significant role.

Girls – happy owners of magnificent forms can reach orgasm, or at least significantly become excited only from the correct manipulation of their natural wealth. The key word here is “right”.

When stimulating a woman’s breast, it is important to keep in mind some points:

1. “Gentle, Victor.” Widespread stereotype that a woman should directly yelp from happiness, as soon as a man squeezes her nipples or breast whole. Yes, there are ladies with whom this will be so. And often, especially if the girl’s breast is large, a man can afford to behave with her and harder. Often in the large breast, adipose tissue predominates, so a more aggressive effect will not exceed the pain threshold. However, there are also such girls to whom such an effort can deliver rather unpleasant sensations than a buzz. Before starting to interact with the female breast, it is important to understand what kind of impact the partner prefers. It is better not to ask, but simply to act cautiously, gradually increasing the pressure. Further on the reaction of the girl will become clear, you need to soften, or vice versa, you can make more effort.

2. “When there is menstruation.” One feature that men rarely take into account is the difference in the level of sensitivity of the breast, depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. To go into special details here does not make sense. The main idea is that at some moments the female breast acquires a special sensitivity and any touch to it will bring discomfort rather than pleasure. It is also natural that, during pregnancy and after childbirth, the sensitivity of the breast will be simply overshooting.