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Современная зарубежная литература; Любовные романы
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Shiver Comic strip artist Carrie Sawyer doesn’t actually believe in ghosts – she only agreed to accompany her best friend on a trip to a haunted inn in Colorado.What she does believe is that hotel owner Sam Crider is mind-bendingly delicious! And since this holiday is all about dark hotel rooms and late nights, it’s perfect for some naughty, after-hours encounters of the X-rated kind… The kind that can make a girl shiver with temptation!Private Sessions Caleb Payne is a calculating entrepreneur. An avowed bachelor. He takes what he wants – in the boardroom and the bedroom – and gets thanked for it! While Bryna Metaxas is his opposite: emotionally invested in her family’s business and about to enter into a business deal with Caleb that will shock her on every level…Yet she’ll love every minute of it. It’s a dangerously hot situation, filled with steamy sexual tension and cold business machinations. Can Caleb earn Bryna’s trust – and love?

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